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NOTICE: I do not condone illegal activities, even if illegal things happen in some of the fiction I write, or in the movies, published books, etc that I write about. It's fiction.
Hi! If you're looking for my fics, you might like this index of Summer's fics, which lists pairing, rating, title, length, and a brief description for all of my fics. If on the other hand you're here to get to know me, you might check out one of the following:

Basically, I'm into Harry Potter. I was born on Harry's birthday, but one year earlier, so I'm definitely over 18. Feel free to friend, unfriend, whatever. I don't take very many things here personally. All fandom-related stuff is public; if you want real life stuff, just let me know.

Finally, constructive criticism for fics is always welcome. In fact, *any* comment will be appreciated. I love meeting new folks and lots of comments, so don't be shy.

My first major fic is still a work in progress ("The Storm and the Chase") about Snape in his school days. It is not a happy sort of story. It includes pairings such as Snape/James, James/Lily, Snape/Lily, Snape/Regulus, Lucius/Narcissa, and Snape/Rosier.

If you read fanfiction, you should read How to Leave Feedback (in three easy steps).

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