FIC: Bits of Blue and Gold (Remus/Severus, Remus/other, NC-17)

I entered the Lusty Month of May this year and finished! Woo! Here's a link to the first post; each entry has a link to the next day's entry.

Title: Bits of Blue and Gold (31 chapters)
Author: summerborn
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Main Pairing: Remus/Severus, with other pairings of Remus/OFC, Remus/OMC, Remus/Tonks, Remus alone, Severus/Lily.
Notes: Canon through HBP; I owe a big thank-you to readers who commented during LMOM to help keep me going and give me ideas.
Word count: 26,000, give or take a thousand. Haven't added it up.

Summary: Remus Lupin, presumed dead after the war, finds himself in need of rent money. He answers an ad and gets into the business of donating memories, but he soon finds them too dear to part with. So he gets into the business of Severus Snape, instead.

Chapter 1 of 31 is here!

Also, there is a poll that members of pervy_werewolf can vote in to determine the grand prize winner, so check that out if you would like! Congrats to all participants, whatever tier and however much you posted!

The long way home

My entry for Lusty Month of May on pervy_werewolf has been the most difficult thing I've written in about a year. Of course, it's also the only thing I've written in about a year (good God, really? answer: yes, or more), so I can't really be surprised.

It's more than a point of pride to finish the month out: I need to write it. I've put LMOM in front of schoolwork this month, and I can't say I'm sorry for it. I'm writing my way back to myself. I feel so much better when I'm writing, when I'm active online, when I'm in contact with my lovely flist and when I'm taking part in the community, I can't even tell you what it means to me. What all of you mean to me, even if we don't talk or comment much.

I feel that if I can just get through the month... just a few more days... I can finally deal with some other obligations and do the things that have been weighing on my mind. I'm hoping.

Here's to new beginnings.
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Trek fandom question

Okay, I love Star Trek even though I have no plans on getting into the fandom, and I am loving all the squee and commentary and fic postings about Star Trek that I'm seeing on my friends page. I am.

That said, I have a question. Doesn't... I mean, I'm old school Trek, but I thought that no one calls McCoy "Bones" except Kirk. Am I mistaken (it's happened before)? Did I miss something in the movie? In one of the (few) Star Trek novels I haven't read? Help out a fangirl who's not in the fandom.

If Snape showed up in a post-DH fic...

Snupin-centric, I suppose, but anyone with thoughts on the subject is welcome to participate. I've been away a while - what are your thoughts about warnings and labels for post-DH Snupin (if that isn't a contradiction in terms)?

Poll #1392732 Regarding older Snupin (Post-War, Post-DH) fic...

If Snape and/or Lupin appear alive in a fic set after the war...

I want to see an explanation of how he/they survived his/their canon deaths.
An explanation (even just in passing) is nice, but not a necessity.
I'll just take it as read that he's/they're alive. Don't even care about how.
He/They can only be alive if it's Alternate Universe (AU).

If Snape and Lupin appear alive in a fic set after the war...

No special labels or warnings are necessary.
Warn for "non-canon" or "canon through book X" or something like that.
It must be labeled AU.
Other (will elaborate in comments!)

As for Remus & Tonks (and Teddy)...

Can we just pretend it never happened?
Let's pretend it never happened, *and* we don't have to call it AU.
I prefer fic to be consistent up through OotP - then he got out of there.
Up through HBP is fine - as long as Remus doesn't have a kid.
Teddy should only be around if he is central to the fic.
Just leave it as it is after DH, Teddy alive, and then deal with Remus being alive separately.
If you don't call it AU, then you have to mention Tonks before pairing Remus with *anyone*.
I'm just tired of reading about how Remus left Tonks before I get to the Snupin-y goodness.
I don't care about Remus *or* Tonks, really.
Other thoughts - details in the comments!
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Give Prompts! Snupin Fantasy Fest

I would really, really appreciate it if someone who hasn't yet written a prompt (or four) for the Snupin Fantasy Fest could pop over and toss something out there! (Or, for LJ'ers, leave a comment on this locked entry.) I would dearly love to write for it, but I haven't a prompt in me to offer. I know it doesn't have to be one-for-one, but I'll feel better if there was someone contributing prompts that wouldn't have, otherwise. You don't have to tell me about it, even... just fill out the poll and leave a prompt (or four).

If you don't like Snupin, pretend it's two other characters and give a prompt on the generic side. :D
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I have written something! And I'm not too terribly displeased by it! Oh, there is hope for me yet :D *hugs all around* I can't wait to get started on something else. Or maybe I can look through my WIPs (most from a full year ago or more) and finish something. Just imagine it! Wouldn't that be great?

And now it's time for a nap.
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