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This bunny must be shared - Fleur/Remus/Severus

Inspired by this gorgeous Fleur (from the talented ericahpfa), csi_tokyo3 bunnied me up some Remus/Severus... with Dominatrix Fleur. I am just the messenger :).

Remus gets a note from Snape... goes over... & sees Fleur in the 'outfit' (those high-heeled boots & some leather) with Snape already collared.

<Remus> *blinkblink*
<Fleur> *riding crop* Down, boy! Now!
<Remus> Whoa there, Veela-girl. I don't take orders from...
<Fleur> *charms a rope around him & yanks him over*
<Remus> oO. Severus! What are you doing, hiring her? I don't like pain!
<Snape> oO. I didn't hire her! I thought you did!
<Fleur> Alors, less talk! More grovelling! *smack*
<Remus> -.- I'll think of a way to make you pay for this later, Severus.
<Snape> *mutters back* At least you're not the one wearing the collar right now. And move your hand a little more to the left.... that's the spot...
<Remus> Mmmm.
<Fleur> Eeef either of you makes ze uzzer come, zere will be consquences.
<Snape> >.> What, we'll have to lick your boots?
<Fleur> You weell 'ave to leeck zomething of mine, yes....
<Remus> >.> Death Eaters before Phoenixes.
<Snape> Furheads before fatheads.
Tags: ideas, snape/lupin
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