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Pimps... recs... pimp recs?

So, in the time between watching people sign up for pimp_my_3some and the time that pimping has begun (now), I'd forgotten that the stories all involve, y'know, threesomes. So I read through a couple of "pimp" posts today, and I think I'm looking forward to the fics! Check these out:

elladora_k is writing "Long, Hot, and Slow":
♥ A story of love, and betrayal.
♥ A story of cocks, and the men who suck them.

I have no idea who the threesome is, but I totally want to read this fic.

hesper_starkey is writing something with Salazar Slytherin:
Adventure. Love. Magic. A romance that spans the centuries. (Ten to be exact.)

Sounds intriguing :D

d_shimpling is writing Snape/Harry/Kingsley:
The Forbidden Forest is dangerous even for the experienced wizard, but Kingsley Shacklebolt and Severus Snape are willing to brave it... whatever it takes to teach Harry a lesson.

Yeah. *subscribes* And I'm looking forward to reading more pimping!
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