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Journals being suspended

So, some journals and communities are being deleted, apparently thanks to some random vigilante group who wants to stamp out kiddie porn. (If you only read one thing explaining things, read this post from liz_marcs.)

*EDIT* Wait, read two things. According to this response ataniell93 received from LJ Abuse, LJ assumes that "listing an interest in an illegal activity must be viewed as using LiveJournal to solicit that illegal activity." So check your interests and your RPG characters' interests. (Also, it looks like they are permanently suspended, end of story. *end edit*

*edit 2* A quote from LJ Abuse found on the vigilante group's site:
Further, we regard the description of an illegal activity, an interest in an illegal activity, fantasizing about illegal activity, or even admitting to an illegal activity as something other than the commission of that activity. That is to say: writing a LiveJournal entry about having sexual attraction to minors is different than using LiveJournal to solicit a minor for sexual contact. The first is something on which we are unable to take any action; the second is something that we would consider actionable.

THEREFORE. You can still write stories about whatever you want, just be sure you make three things perfectly clear (the quote is from the reply ataniell93 received from LJ Abuse):
Journals, on the other hand, may express or imply interest in illegal activity or express or imply a desire to meet and/or interact with others with similar interests, but only if the journal clearly (1) is in opposition to or condemnation of the illegal activity, (2) does not encourage the illegal activity and (3) is not used in furtherance of any illegal activity.

I think I'll add a disclaimer on my post to top all posts.
*end edit2*

At this point I can only do two things: first, trust that LJ is working to sort this out and are playing it safe in the suspension of accounts, while they check into things, and they will eventually realize that not all of these folks are doing illegal things. *edit3* It doesn't matter if people are *doing* illegal things are not. The very fact that the Interests category can be used to find other people is the violation, and that's what's getting folks suspended. *end edit3*

And second, wait for someone to make an icon about it so I can nab it.

(edit: Never mind about the icon. This is more serious than I'd realized.)

Also, for those of you keeping score at home, the pop-up info you get when you mouse over the community or journal icon will tell you if an account was "suspended" or "deleted". Note the difference. (If it's neither, you get the normal pop-up info saying "You are watching such-and-such community" or whatever".)
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