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Fics I'm working on; other updates

In case you missed it, WB moved the release date of the Order of the Phoenix movie back to July 11 (at least in North America). It doesn't make any difference to me, because I'm going to take the day off of work anyway (and I'll probably see it at midnight the night before, anyway).

Anyway, so, hi! I'm ready to put Strikethrough '07 behind me, and get on with my fic writing. Personal life is looking up (more on that later*), and the days are getting longer and longer. I really do love summertime.

Fic writing looks mainly like this:
  • James/Remus/Snape for lupin_snape Fantasy Fest - really close to done, dammit.
  • Major project for hp_summersmut - amazing first draft; needs a lot of work. I'm really, really excited about this one.
  • Snackfest at 12am_nosh - I've resigned one prompt to the bin and am focusing only on the collab with chibitoaster.
  • lupin_snape Dark Side of Snupin Challenge - I do have a title: Severance Pay. *pets teh awesome title*

IN OTHER NEWS, in case you did not know, Moleskine journals are awesome. I have two that I use normally (one pocket size squared, one large size ruled) and I ADORE them beyond all reason. But! I have recently acquired one of their new City Notebooks, the one for London, and I am trebly thrilled. First of all, it's Moleskine; secondly, London is cool; and C) I am so going there. It has a fold out map and lots of little maps and places to write things and an expandable inner pocket and it's just fantastic.

Last but not least, I need to speak to a Percy Weasley expert. Anyone available? *bats eyelashes*

* - For any new-ish friends, I don't add people to my real life filter by default but if you're interested, just say the word and you're in.
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