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Le afternoon of sucketh? Non!

Part 2 of issues posting will have to be later. I'm full on in cleaning mode :)

Now, some linkies! Firstly, check out this Icon Gifting Extravaganza! This is your chance to put your name in the hat for icon gifts, or be an icon fairy and make other people happy :D.

Secondly, Fandom Friending Frenzy to celebrate fandom unity 'n' stuff. I haven't signed up but I wanted to pimp!

Lastly, who's writing what? I've been so swamped recently I haven't really *read* any fic in ages. Have you written something you thought got overlooked? Have you written anything ever that you would love to have more feedback on? Comment and link it, peeps, and give me something to do after my kitchen-cleaning frenzy passes!
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