Summer (summerborn) wrote,

Summer Spells prompt table

I was inspired by the 7spells community challenge and I wanted to test out my own random pairing generator, and this is the result. I used a randomizer to pick one prompt from each set of the 7spells prompts, and slapped on a pairing from my generator. Then I realized it would be neat to have each fic take place during a different year of the books, but I didn't choose that randomly (after all, it's much easier to use Lockhart while he's a professor!). Anyway, I'll be linking to the seven fics as they get written.

Summer Spells, inspired by the
7spells HP Fanfiction Challenge
Author: summerborn
PairingPromptDuring book
1. Sirius / Molly Weasleyanvil5
2. Parvati / Lockhartfive shades of white2
3. Bill W. / Bellatrixeffect of impact on stationary objects6
4. Hagrid / George W.if you wanted honesty3
5. Gabrielle D. / Luciusribbon4
6. Hagrid / Godric Gryffindorthe white birds1
7. Hedwig / Regulus Blackglass moon7
Progress: 2/7
Tags: summer spells
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