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Request-for-a-friend meme

Because I have finished a first draft of my dark!fic Snupin, I am playing a game. You give me prompts, but you don't get to request for yourself.

You comment with a pairing and prompt (HP only) for a teenyfic (e.g.,3-400 words-ish) for one of your favorite LJ friends, not for you, and not ME. I say "one of your favorite" because I know I can't pick one best most favoritest favorite about anything, so.

I'll do the first five (ANY PAIRING), post them, and go point the person there. eta: Five reached :). I'm on the job!

So. You comment with:
* Who it's for (nice if you code it for my convenience)
* Pairing/characters (Harry Potter fandom)
* Prompt (fairly short, please)
* Rating requirements or anything else relevant to what they would like (like, if they would hate if I mentioned past Sirius/Remus, you have to tell me that)

summerborn<---yours will of course not say me.
No angst, any rating.

Clear? I hope? The goal is to make it an unexpected little giftlet the person would like, so even though I'm fine with crack, if the recipient wouldn't be, don't go asking for Harry/Firenze with sex toys, okay?

Also, feel free to spread the love by doing this yourself. It's fun. It makes people smile. This is all to the good.
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