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FIC: Fortune Favors, 6 (Ron/Hermione)

TITLE: Fortune Favors [6/10]
CHARACTERS: Ron, Hermione
NOTES: Part of a drabble series with rotating pairs of characters. I'll link them up properly when they're done, sorry about that.

Hermione was wary when Ron held out the practic-wrapped fortune cookie and called it a peace offering.

"This doesn't change anything," she warned as she opened it. "I still think you should learn to drive, and if we're going to be in America..."

"I know," he said in the silence when she paused, looking at the paper. "And I'm going to try, but you have to swear not to laugh... What's it say?"

"The pleasures of life are meant to be shared," she read softly. "Oh Ron, I'm sorry, I've been so stupid." She threw her arms around his neck.
Tags: fics, fortune favors

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