Summer (summerborn) wrote,

OotP Impressions

First of all, midnight is late for a movie. Or rather, 3:15am is late for getting home. I'm not as young as I used to be.

Anyway, most stuff seems to have been said by others, but I will make it clear that I liked it. I was disappointed by how quick the underpants scene was - all those screenshots of filming had me thinking it was going to be a normal scene, not a quick series of impressions and James saying a few lines. I was sad, but I hope for an extended version in the deleted scenes (hey, I can hope!).

Most of the changes were obviously things that were intended to speed the movie along (cut Marietta out), or explain things more quickly (the DA using Levicorpus so we would know what it was when Snape went up in the air), and I was mostly pleased. And some things they got so very, very right:

Grimmauld Place - loved it. The dust, the darkness, the peeling walls and shabby floor and staircase and Harry's bed. It was more crowded than I'd imagined (which is my own fault) and I just thought it was fantastic all the way around.

Sirius - WINS THE MOVIE. The end. I thought the care the film took with his and Harry's relationship was perfect. Gary Oldman = +++ and Sirius Black = +++++++++.

I guess Harry and Cho are already finished? I mean, they had the kiss (which was really more like a make-out session, apparently), no date in Hogsmeade, and then she was the one that told Umbridge about the DA under influence of Veritaserum, so he drops her? There was definitely a shortcut going on, but if I remember rightly, end of OotP = end of Harry's crush on Cho for good. It seemed a little unresolved in the movie.

And that's all. I definitely want to buy this movie.
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