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Not quite last minute, but getting there

Anyone not going to Sectus: If you would like a postcard (and yes, if you're reading this then I will send you a postcard), comment to this post with your address and if you have any requests for it.

Anyone going to Sectus: I hope we get to say Hi and stuff! I don't really have any identifying clothes or pins or hair, but I will be wearing a Sectus Committee badge that says "Summer" most of the time. Please to be approaching and saying Hello. Livejournal is my main fandom source, so this is the only place I will know anyone from. Comment here for any contact purposes, like trading phone numbers or pictures or something (though email will probably be the best way of contacting me for the next week).

For everyone:

I'll be posting here probably once more tomorrow and then once I get internet access in London. I am a bit worried about leaving the country, and very worried about Sectus. I just hope everything goes off okay. *bites fingernails*

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