Summer (summerborn) wrote,

They talk funny here

Hi all! I'm running on low batteries here at my temporary hotel in London. mrborn and I will move over to the Grafton on Thursday - we checked it out today and it's in a great place, very very close to Warren Street station. I'm amazingly overwhelmed with travel issues but mostly I hate not having easy access to the intartubes. I didn't realize that when this hotel said they had "wifi access" that it was 2 pounds per hour and only down in the lobby. :(

Anyway, Sectus looms large and the release of Deathly Hallows is almost upon us! Anyone not here in London this week can comment to my last entry (will be screened) with your address for a postcard. I have extras!

p.s. Today saw tons of stuff, including Harrod's and Spamalot. People talk funny here (I hate when I actually can't understand someone), and they use pretend money but they have given me items in return so I can't complain.
Tags: sectus
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