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DH in hand

Deathly Hallows: in hand. I find I'm not actually in much of a rush to read it.

Sectus was more fun today! Real programming, my Arithmancy class, and meeting a ton of great folks (I will go ahead and squee while no one is reading that amanuensis1 recognized my name and seemed excited to see me). And purplefluffycat and dracofiend and all sorts of people. Plus I got to draw Gilderoy Lockhart during Pictionary and acted out the part of Lucius in charades, though I don't think I quite had the expression right.

We are calling Pumpkin (my two-year-old) at home right now, and she is talking SO MUCH. Full-on sentences (if you can understand the words, that is) and it's just absolutely amazing. Everything is "annnnnnn" (and) while she thinks of what else she wants to tell you.

Anyway! I'm off to read!

*eta* Just as soon as I finish reading this hilarious synopsis of Movie 5. Yar.

*eta2* And snegurochka_lee's and amanuensis1's reviews of the OotP movie.

*eta3* Never mind; mrborn is over here reading Chapter 2 already and is making noises, and I shall have to catch up or risk having to do him bodily injury. :)
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