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Two quick things

I created this community before DH came out, so please don't take it as a spoiler that I'm mentioning it again: orthogon_alley, for all your alternate universe/reality needs and recs and discussion.

Also, I'd like to propose the following:

- "Branching <#>" as a shortcut for "the timeline branches off during or after book <#>." For example, a fic labelled Branching-6 (or "AU:B-7"?) would be canon-compliant through Order of the Phoenix, and possibly part of Half-Blood Prince. I got this idea at the Sectus discussion of AUs on Sunday morning (thanks, gatewaygirl et al!).

- "EWE" as an abbreviation for "Epilogue? What Epilogue?".

Some of the best fics I've ever read are AU.
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