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News and happenings.

A. I killed a spider today with my bare fingers, because it was about to crawl onto my little girl's arm (why she was lying on the floor is a topic for another day).

B. The latest LJ stuff looks like epic fail. I recommend checking out fandom_flies for the "where shall we all go?" discussion. I'm on GJ at summerborn but I REALLY think that some other journaling site would be better than GJ. Really.

Thirdly. My stepdaughter is either going into labor or going to be induced tonight, according to the last I heard. My natural inclination is "Wait, don't induce just because she's 1cm dilated!!!!!" but there may be more to the story than that. In any case, OMG BABY COMING. Mr Born, Pumpkin Born and I will be at the hospital tonight/tomorrow or possibly just running around like crazy; I'm not yet sure which.
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