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First and last post on Nanowrimo

Together with Penguin Group and HP, is holding a "Be the next breakthrough novelist" contest, where up to 5,000 people can submit an original, finished manuscript for judging.

Perusing my past Nanowrimo novels for a possible entrant, and looking at the calendar to see just how close November is (although my anniversary is closer!), have made me realize that Nanowrimo is a teensy bit limited for what I eventually want to do. My Big Novel isn't going to be done - no, not even a rough first draft - in one calendar month, and attempting to do it that way would actually do more harm than good.

However, the backstory to my Big Novel *can* be done in a month, and I'm hoping that the spontaneity of writing it this way might even take me for a few twists and turns I hadn't yet thought of. In any case, fleshing out the characters by giving them 50,000 words to run around in is definitely going to help me farther down the line.

So, it won't be fanfiction this year. That means I won't talk about it on public posts after this one, but I will probably complain about it in real-life posts :). If you're doing Nano this year, let's be Writing Buddies! I'm on the Nano site at summerborn. My working title, btw, which doesn't even matter since this is only a backstory, is Before the Maelstrom, as my Big Novel is "Maelstrom." Cool, eh?
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