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Top Ten Signs you're reading a fic by Summerborn

Top ten signs you're reading a fic by Summerborn

10. The end does not deliver on the promises of the beginning.

9. Snape is darkly mysterious and incredibly, inexplicably attractive to *someone*.

8. Any smut is explicit, and lengthy, but not actually very kinky.

7. Blowjobs are treated lovingly.

6. Threesomes are likely.

5. Lupin has a job, or has had a job, he doesn't really want to tell anyone about - such as prostitute, garbage collector, or barrister.

4. Lucius is a sympathetic character.

3. Or... someone else is a sympathetic character - Regulus or Narcissa or someone else that I am always surprised to find out that people don't like.

2. Snape and Lupin have a relationship that no one else understands, but it totally works for them. Actually, have I written this yet? I forget what I've managed to finish in the past few months. Which brings me to the number one way to tell you're reading a Summerborn fic...

1. It's not turned in yet.
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