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Snupin in Drabble and Audio forms

Two news items!

First, celandineb wrote me a Snape/Lupin drabble (Troth, here), which makes me all warm and gooey inside. Thank you so much, Cel!!

Second, as I mentioned on lupin_snape, the latest episode of Snapecast features a panel discussing Snape ships, and I got to be on it representing Snape/Lupin as well as some other rarer Snape pairs. The segment starts at 12:36, though I should say I haven't listened to it (or the episode) yet, but I do know I'm on there. See for episode index and download link.

That is all. Back to reading fest fic! Or at least, Snupin Santa fest fic.
Tags: gifts for me, snape/lupin, snapecast
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