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Summertime for fandom

Or "Summer - time for fandom!"

So, my little "hiatus" from fandom and LJ has lasted longer than I may have liked, but that's all right. I have been missing reading, writing, commenting, and squeeing about all this Harry Potter stuff, so I hope to get back to the fun! I've got some thoughts on Charlie I need to nail down. Did you guys realize how much he is not mentioned in Deathly Hallows?! (For the record, I will be reading and posting to both LJ and IJ, so please don't feel obligated to "watch" both places.)

Without further ado, my answers to some interview questions from marginaliana! :)

1. What's your favorite piece of fanfiction that you've written?

I would have to say "We Who Persevere." It was so easy to write, I mean just poured out of me, and the style took care of itself for the most part.

2. If you could have someone create a piece of clothing or furniture or art just for you, what would it be like?

I've always loved to put my feet up on things, like tables or walls depending on where I am. I would love a piece of furniture where I could sit comfortably and put my feet up - WAY up. It would also clash hideously with every other piece of furniture in the room, and it would be totally resistant to cat claws and dog paws.

3. What's the weather like where you are?

The last couple of days have been pretty hot and muggy, with lots of thunderstorms and lightning and a few floods and even a tornado warning. It's my first springtime in Ohio, and I'm a little weirded out by it. I always knew I would miss California weather, but I'm surprised to find myself missing the "normalcy" of Virginia weather too :)

4. Is there one book that you would say was very formative in your youth/teenage years?

In a word... no. I read so much, so early in life, that I couldn't point to one or two as formative. One of the stories that stayed with me was a trilogy of short novels called "The True Game," by Sheri S. Tepper. I've just learned that she did in fact write the sequels to that, in the form of two more trilogies from different characters' perspectives, so I'm looking forward to finding those.

5. What's one weird habit you have?

I have been known to take photographs of people's houses so that I can use them as inspirations in the Sims 2. I don't know if I'd call it a "habit," but it's definitely weird :).

If anyone wants to ask me more interview questions, feel free, or if you want me to come up with five questions for you, just comment!
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