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Recs to check out sometime

More stuff to check out sometime: rexluscus lists her top five fave fics:

Hm! Probably, let's see…"A Choriambic Progression" by Mairead Triste and Aristide (Snarry), "In Between Days" by atrata (also Snarry) [read it, damn good - f-ing best ambiguous!Snape I have ever seen or conceived of. ~Summer], "A Soft Place to Sleep" by caligryphy (Snupin WIP), "Misericorde" by fabularasa (Snack) and "The Last Good Year" by atdelphi (Snapledore). Agh, there are other things I adore equally to these, though…"The Miseducation of Severus Snape" by Not Exactly Dickens (Snack), "Adagio" by xochiquetzl (Snupin), "Habit" by Snegurochka (Snupin), R&D by Busaikko (Snupin) [read it - good, but the sequel is what really makes the story happen, in my mind. ~Summer], "Truth" by thisveryinstant (Snarry), "Whate'er Therein Is Promised" by deeble (Snermione)…but you said five. Damn.

The same question to bethbethbeth yields (note she makes clear that these are Snape/Harry recs):

[she also has a HP recs page, with slash, het, and gen sections]

amanuensis1 responds thusly:
Oh, god, this is hard. Okay, off the top of my head, and I can't keep it to just 5, here are some classics that have stayed with me: A Season in Hell by Cassandra Claire, A Year and a Day by Nimori, Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight, Stone Cold Sober by Fabula Rasa, So You Want to Transfigure Yourself A Rock Band by Mousapelli, Transfigurations by Resonant [read it; damn good ~ Summer], Night-Blooming Heartsease by Julad [read it, also good ~ Summer], Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent by Cluegirl, Stealing Harry by Sam Vimes [read it, good by itself though there are others set in the universe ~ Summer], and The Devil Will Drag You Under by Dementor Delta.
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