January 2nd, 2006

snape sneak

All of Summer's Harry Potter fanfiction

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  • Under a Waxing Moon, Snape/Lupin, PG-13 - 1880 words, angst with a bit of romance - While Remus waits for Severus on the Hogwarts lawn, Severus struggles with issues of trust.
  • We Who Persevere, Lucius/Narcissa and Lucius/Snape, R - 2300 words, drama/romance/angst? - Every year, the Malfoys host a rather exclusive Christmas event. Ten scenes over the course of a decade tell the story of some of Lucius' choices. Set mostly in the 1970s.
  • A Proper Sort of Girl, Rodolphus/Narcissa and PG Lucius/Narcissa, NC-17 - 3700 words, drama/romance/porn - Narcissa Black wants a fiery, passionate lover, but she is engaged to... Lucius Malfoy. And she must do the right thing, just as soon as she figures out what that is.
  • Time and Again, Snape/Lupin/Snape, NC-17 - 3800 words, romance/smut with a tinge of humor - If Remus had known a threesome would be like this, he would have suggested it years ago.
  • Something You Should Know, Remus/Harry, Sirius/Harry, NC-17 - 9600 words, action/angst/smut - Post-war. Tonks has found a way to bring Sirius back, but the requirements are... strict. When do the ends justify the means? Remus must deal with his own feelings as he does what he has to do to give Harry back his godfather.
  • With a Whirl and a Twirl, Bill/Sirius/Tonks, NC-17 - 12k words, romance, humor, and smut - During the year of OoTP, a bored, frustrated and trapped-in-Grimmauld Place Sirius needs a little distraction by his fellow Order members. Written for ragdoll as part of lameos_maximus.

Everything Else
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  • Make Up and Kiss, Snape/James with Lily, PG-13 - 1030 words, smut-lite - Lily's plan to force James to apologize to Severus takes an unexpected turn.
  • The Chariot (Drawn by Flame and Sea), Sirius/Severus, R - 2750 words, adventure/"action" - Sirius Black is forced to view an old opponent in a new light—Dumbledore assigns him to work with Severus Snape on a mission for the Order of the Phoenix. Of course, nothing happens quite the way either of them expected.
  • Big Enough to Share, Harry/Neville, Neville/Remus, Harry/"Sirius", hard R - 2000 words, mostly smut - Polyjuice plus too much alcohol leads to a close encounter between a werewolf and two of his former students.
  • The Yasmin Turk, Sirius/Remus (almost gen), PG for spooky - 1400 words, adventure - Sirius is the pirate captain, Remus the first mate, when they find an abandoned ship floating on the open sea. AU and slightly piratey.
  • Surroundings, Regulus/Snape, NC-17 - 150 words, smut/angst - Featuring my first bottom!Snape. Regulus finds a way to entertain himself at Spinner's End.
  • Hunting, Snape/Lockhart, PG (cowritten with chibitoaster) - 2575 words, humor with a bit of romance - Severus and Gilderoy go house-hunting. You can call "crack" if you want.
  • Just Because, Bellatrix/Regulus, NC-17 - 1900 words, smut - Regulus receives a visit from his Death Eater cousin, who has an offer for him that he can't refuse. Bondage, dubious consent, outdoor sex. Written as a pinch-hit for hp_backtosmut in less than 24 hours (!).
  • untitled drabble, Snape/Harry, R - 100 words - Warning for bondage.
  • Unconventional, Snape/Dean Thomas, PG - 160 words, gen - Dean has convinced Severus to try something new. Mention of Star Trek.
  • Beauty and His Paramour, Gilderoy Lockhart/Stan Shunpike, PG - 925 words, crack and pre-slash - In the grim darkness of Voldemort's rule, two accidental Death Eaters find each other. Did I mention crack? Well, crack-like. This one is for rare-pair fans. Or Lockhart fans, and who doesn't love Gilderoy Lockhart?
  • Praise Out of Season, Lily (and Severus), PG - 1200 words, gen - Lily is unhappy with her marks. Written for the 2006 femgenficathon.
  • December, 1976, Snape/Lucius, PG - 370 words, angsty romance - Severus thinks everything has changed; Lucius, in an attempt to prove him wrong, changes everything. Fits into my Persevere-verse.
  • Memory Yields; Snape, Neville, Bellatrix; weak PG-13 - 650 words, gen - Why does Snape hate Neville, anyway? Written for snape_rarepairs's August '06 challenges, Snape/Neville and memory.
  • Just a Taste, Harry/Neville, PG-13 - 2200 words, romance - Neville helps Harry out with a plant problem, but there are a few unintended consequences. Written for the hpslashnotsmut exchange.
  • Nine Twelve Moods, Snape/Lupin, G to PG - 1300 words, mostly fluff (Gloomy is a noteable exception) - Nine Twelve unrelated scenes for nine twelve different moods, as part of the lupin_snape Mood Theme Drabble Challenge. These moods are: Gloomy, Good, Grateful, Groggy, Grumpy, Guilty, Happy, High, Hopeful, Blah, Cheerful, Complacent.
  • Before and After, Sirius/Regulus, PG-13 - 200 words, angsty - The brothers Black are used to having some time to themselves on occasion, but that doesn't mean everything is sunshine and rainbows. Rating is for implied stuff only.
  • ***Work In Progress*** The Storm and the Chase; Snape/James, Snape/Lily; hard R in part 1 - 8700 words (1/4 complete), angst/romance/angst. In the midst of struggles with school, Death Eaters, and family, Severus Snape is approached with a request for help from an unlikely corner. Various pairings; contains both slash and het; please note the warning for underage characters and sex-for-the-wrong-reasons.
  • Debatably Heterosexual Twosome, Harry/Draco, PG-13 - 1100 words, humor/parody/crack - In which Harry and Draco have a close relationship and fight crime.
  • She Said, and Smiled, Gilderoy/Parvati, PG - 450 words, drama/romance - It's difficult to live with a crippled memory. Post-war.
  • What He Wants, Snape/Lockhart, R - 4300 words, humor/romance - Gilderoy has his heart set on a certain prickly Potions master.
  • Pushing the Limits, Sirius/Molly, PG - 1100 words, drama/romance - Sirius catches Molly alone one day, and he's never been good at self-restraint.