January 23rd, 2006


Some HP links

Harry Potter resources:

The Harry Potter Lexicon (at first glance, looks pretty darn comprehensive) - including the Master Timeline of the entire saga - though I haven't checked to see if it includes shoebox_project events.

Wikipedia: Harry Potter (talks about books, publishing history, as well as movies, book contents, writing style, etc). The "See Also" section is a gold mine.

The Pottertastic Encyclopedia (looks promising)

One of the things I want is a comprehensive list of everyone at the school that is named in the books, as well as all the different classes and class schedules. I.e., Luna Lovegood came out of nowhere - who else is hiding in the text? Are there any other female Gryffindors in Harry's year besides the three? Who are the Gryffindors in the year one year ahead of Harry? When do the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws take Potions? etc.

HP Char Birthday list

Birthday list

Dobby - June 28th (Cancer)
Filius Flitwick - October 17th (Libra)
Hermione Granger - September 19th, 1979 (Virgo)
Rubeus Hagrid - December 6th, 1928 (Sagittarius)
Neville Longbottom - July 30th, 1980 (Leo)
Remus Lupin - March 10th, 1960 (Pisces)
Draco Malfoy - June 5th, 1980 (Gemini)
Minerva McGonagall - October 4th (Libra)
Harry Potter - July 31st, 1980 (Leo)
Severus Snape - January 9th, 1960 (Capricorn)
Pomona Sprout - May 15th (Taurus)
Lord Voldemort - December 31st, 1926 (Capricorn)
Arthur Weasley - February 6th (Aquarius)
Bill Weasley - November 29th, 1971 (Sagittarius)
Charlie Weasley - December 12th, 1973 (Sagittarius)
Fred Weasley - April 1st, 1978 (Aries)
George Weasley - April 1st, 1978 (Aries)
Ginny Weasley - August 11th, 1981 (Leo)
Molly Weasley - October 30th (Scorpio)
Percy Weasley - August 22nd, 1976 (Leo)
Ron Weasley - March 1st, 1980 (Pisces)
Dudley Dursley -June 23rd, 1980 (Cancer)

Quick reference on some events

For quick reference, here are some well-known events in the stories and when they occur:

birth of Hagrid: Y-52

Hagrid expelled from Hogwarts: Y-38

Tom Riddle kills his father and grandparents: Y-36

James and Lily first attend Hogwarts: approximately Y-10

Harry Potter is born: July 31, Y0

Harry's parents are killed and Voldemort is defeated: October 31, Y1

Harry Potter's first trip to Hogwarts aboard the Hogwarts Express: September 1, Y11

Harry Potter first sees the Mirror of Erised: December, Y11

Harry Potter attends Nearly-Headless Nick's 500th Deathday Party: October 31, Y12

The Basilisk is defeated in the Chamber of Secrets: end of May, Y13

The Quidditch World Cup: August 25, Y14 (the Monday before September 1, which is also a Monday)

The rebirth of Voldemort: end of June, Y15

the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and the death of Sirius: June, Y16

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