February 6th, 2006


To do list by Jan 31, 2007

As posted in onedeadbunny.

Oh crap, you mean you're actually going to keep us on task? I thought just joining the community would be good enough >.>

My list of things to do this year, in order of priority:

1 - finish second round of betatesting for L.O.L. (IF game). Finish and release the damn thing (March?)

2 - fanfiction. My shiny Snape idea set during GoF.

3 - finish playing and write reviews of Comp05 games (IF). I think there are 36; I have played 10 and reviewed 0. (arrrrrgh)

4 - next IF game, tentatively titled Far Bound (or Bound Away). Might be entered in Comp 06.

5 - next ff.

6 - NaNoWriMo 06. I have no idea. November.

7 - play and write reviews of all Comp 06 games (IF), between Oct 1 and Nov 15.

[Edit, 10 May 2006: I seem to have written more fanfic and less IF since writing this. I still would like to finish LOL. And that shiny Snape idea got subsumed by another, shinier Snape idea (Snape/James) and I think I like it better. I'd still like to do the first one sometime.]