April 3rd, 2006


Snape/Ron is back?

"Turpkis, Francis," Snape said, and nodded at the small boy who raised his hand. Another Ravenclaw bookworm. He only hoped this year's crop would have better penmanship than last year's. It was astonishing that such studious children could write so abominably.

"And--Weasley?" Snape looked up and scanned the room. He hadn't missed a head of red hair, had he? "Sylvia?"

A tiny motion in the far corner of the dungeon caught his eye. He made a note on his parchment, and then frowned at the girl. Her thick hair was mouse-brown, not like a Weasley's at all.

"Related to the Weasley twins, are you?"

The girl was staring fixedly at her desk. Her mouth moved.

"What was that? Speak up, girl, and remember you aren't using a sonorous charm, so you'll actually have to face us [ugh]." There was a nervous titter from one of the Ravenclaw toadies, and a few unsure looks from the Hufflepuffs.

Sylvia flushed, but didn't look up. "They're my uncles, sir," she said.

He cast his memory back. She didn't look *anything* like a veela. What was the second son's name? He gave up. "Then your father would be..."

"Er, Ronald Weasley, sir."

This caused a bit of a commotion among some of the students. Snape guessed that the three children with blank looks were the Muggleborn of the class.

"Fine, yes, all right," he said. "Now, I believe all of you should have a copy of Potions for Beginners? Take it out now and turn to page 5."

He went on with the class. It wasn't hard after so many years of teaching to only pay attention with half a mind, while the other half watched and made notes on his students.