April 6th, 2006

hg lioness

Snarry AU

I sometimes have trouble when reading, say, a good tentative Snarry AU, if I have a thing for the tentativeness, or if it's just this one which is well written. Do I have a thing for Snarry AUs? I've read a few of them now that I like immensely. I think I can see the two together, and it's interesting and fun and all that, but not anywhere near the events of The Half-Blood Prince. An AU seems a fair compromise.

So: The Price of Magic isn't AU but it's very alternative. The Price of Magic spin-off, Commonplace Magic, *was* AU and I liked it a great deal. Then there wsa the one where Snape was deaf (it was handled well) [Edit: Sunday, by hidden_decay]. Now there's "The Dreaming Spires" which is pretty sweet halfway through :)

[spoilers] "I took a fall a few years ago and I don't remember much before that." A-HA! A-fucking-HA!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the Snarry Reader has a whole list of AU Snarry fics, so I'm off to explore.