April 28th, 2006


Snarry Olympics Recs

If I don't start making a note of which stories I'm really loving, I'll forget to do it at all. So here we go:

  • Blood and Fire (long, NC-17, prompt: courage) - This has immediately become one of my favorite Snarry fics of all time. It is a moving love story and a heartbreaking tragedy and it is gorgeous. Summary: After the deaths of Dumbledore and Voldemort, Severus Snape must learn to cope with yet another Master; Harry Potter. 9 out of 9.
  • Things Left Unsaid (medium, NC-17, prompt: things left unsaid) - not a downer. I loved it. Harry wants to know where he stands. 9 out of 9.
  • Always Hungry (medium, R, prompt: always hungry) - Harry is trapped but Severus can save him. A very inventive little piece of the Potterverse. Don't forget, this is Team Angst. 9 out of 9.
  • Dangling Conversation (long, NC-17, prompt: test of wills) - Summary: Harry has one promise to keep before his war is ended; to make Snape pay for Dumbledore's murder. This is the one where he finds Snape on the verge of death already and nurses him back to a semblance of health. I was so blown away after reading it that I could barely say "Holy..." Remember: this is Team Angst! 7 out of 9 but only because I am not by nature an Angst-lover. Sigh.
  • Crazy Man Michael (short-ish, NC-17, prompt: masquerade) - I just loved it. Angst, though. Sometimes, in rare moments when he cannot summon the rage to thrust the thoughts away, Harry allows himself to remember the Half-Blood Prince. 9 out of 9.

  • Whispers of Intent (long, NC-17, prompt: things left unsaid) - Awww + :D + squee! = a very lovely fic, with some very good pr0n love scenes. H and S find themselves going about this "relationship" thing all backwards, but it works. 8 out of 9.
  • Anything Interesting (med-long, NC-17, prompt: always hungry) - post-war; everything I like about this pairing is here. Bonus: Fred and George are are awesome and serve as Harry's best-friend-group. Quidditch yay. 9 out of 9.
  • Somewhere Behind the Morning (medium, R, prompt: masquerade) - Summary: Postwar fic. Harry is called in to evaluate Snape’s erratic behavior. But not all is as it seems. Featuring a very well-developed unhappy!Harry (that is, unhappy without being broken). 8 out of 9.
  • Harry Potter and the Superstitious Potions Master (short-ish, NC-17, prompt: superstition) - a light-hearted, amusing and sweet little story. Yes, a bit of fluff never hurt anyone! "My fiance is going insane." 8 out of 9.
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