May 12th, 2006


Getting to know me

The interview meme: to play, leave a comment asking me to interview you. Then I'll give you five questions and you answer them. I know many of you have already done this, so no worries, I just wanted to get my answers to rexluscus's questions posted.

1) How/when did you get into HP?

Well, I saw all the movies as a matter of course (magic, yay). Read the first book and dismissed it. Then, last summer, metaquotes led me to perposterice which introduced me to the concept of fanfic (and slash, though I thought it was a joke at first) and then I read shoebox_project and knew I had to read the rest of the actual books. So fanfic got me into HP. *is backwards* :D

2) What other sorts of things have you written besides HP fanfic? What was the very first creative writing you can remember doing? (I know, that's kinda two questions, but oh well.)

Let's see: I've written two novels for NaNoWriMo. My other writing in recent years has been more in the form of interactive fiction (a type of computer game, also known as text adventures). I did some creative writing in college, but nothing I liked overly much. There's never time in a creative writing course for anything more than short stories, so I never got attached.

The very first creative writing I remember doing was when I was eight years old. I wrote an eight-page story about a teenage girl who gets drawn into a spooky house and Weird Things happen! Then at the end it was just a dream. Or was it? Muahaha! I was so terribly pleased with myself.

3) When you were ten years old, what did you want to do when you grew up? How far off from that did you end up?

I wanted to be a teacher, because I loved the idea of grading tests and homework all the time. *rolls eyes* And now... well, actually, I have thought about a career change, and teaching keeps coming back up. So maybe one day in a few years I'll be living my childhood dream.

4) Do you look back fondly on childhood, or are you glad to be past it? Was high school fun for you, or hell on earth? (I suppose subtler gradations than that are possible; if so, describe.)

What a great question. For the most part, I look back fondly. High school especially was a lot of fun. I always looked forward to being seventeen, and then when I was, I made the most of it. My awkward years and socially inept years were more in the 10- to 13-year-old range, and a lot of that time I'd just as soon forget, but no more so than anyone else, I'm sure. And far less than some people. Overall, I was a clever child and I was convinced I was special. Good times.

5) If you had to live during some historical period (or in a non-industrialized contemporary culture) other than the late 20th/early 21st century, which one would you pick? (Any culture/nationality is game.) Explain why, too.

Gosh. Well, if I had to... I'm thinking mid 19th century London. It was an exciting time, scientific discovery-wise, and it isn't so wildly foreign that I would expire. It's too the question doesn't give the option of going to the future, since I'd probably say yes to that. But going back in time means giving stuff up, and I don't like to do that. Still, it'd be nice to hear all those lovely accents. And there's a chance I could sign up with the British navy or something, though I suppose for that I would have to go back another hundred years or so, and probably switch to being a boy which has its own problems.