September 29th, 2006


Rumor dispelled

ACK! cmwinters had a totally awesome idea, and now... well, see for yourself.

Rumour: Snape was hiding under the Invisibility Cloak on the night the Potters died

JKR: No, he wasn't.

Drat. But, but... the fact that she said so little about it makes me wonder if the rumor is somehow half right. I.e. it wasn't Snape under the cloak at Godric's Hollow that night, but someone else. Or Snape was there, but not hiding under the cloak (in which case, why is the cloak important again?).

In other news, I've decided to throw open my NaNoWriMo novel to anyone who wants to read it. It will suck. It will not be fannish. Those are your only warnings. The journal is queenofwords, the novel is as yet untitled but probably something in the fantasy genre since practically all of my original fiction is. Just leave a comment and I'll add you.