October 7th, 2006


Back to the Beginning

A. My last post should not in any way be taken to mean that I don't want recs for good Snape/OFC or Tonks/whoever or anything. I always like good recs. Rec me anything. (*Is* there good Snermione?)

B. The Bill/Sirius/Tonks fic has gone to beta, bitches. Well, one, anyway. Anybody else want to help? NC-17 10k+ words gotta be quick.

Thirdly. I miss Rana today and have a bit too much time on my hands, so...

Collapse )

Anyway, that's my rambly story. I'd love to hear how all of you got turned on to HP or fandom or LJ or any mix of those. :D

*eta* Writely.com is the coolest thing EVAR. I am now itching to collaborate on something!