October 12th, 2006


Update and argh

Writely.com is now Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

I take back the nice things I said about it, since it has now decided to screw with my formatting, since when I copy and paste I can't possibly mean I just want to copy and paste! Oh no! It knows what I really want, precious, yes it does. ARRRRGH.

Also, a warning: I'm posting a fic later today and it will be cross-posted in a bazillion places, or a bazillion and a half if I'm in the mood. Mostly threesome communities or Weasley communities, so if you're in more than one and get spammed, I apologize.
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FIC: With a Whirl and a Twirl (Bill/Sirius/Tonks, NC-17)

TITLE: With a Whirl and a Twirl
AUTHOR: summerborn
PAIRING: In alphabetical order, Bill/Sirius/Tonks
PROMPT: Prompt by ragdoll for lameos_maximus.
During the year of OoTP, a bored, frustrated and trapped-in-Grimmauld Place Sirius needs a little distraction by his fellow Order members.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: 11,275 words. Disclaimer: as usual. A huge thanks to sor_bet, anneline, and authenticity for all the amazing help. And thanks to the wonderful ragdoll for such a great prompt! I would like to apologize profusely for the extreme tardiness of this fic, but I hope it was worth the wait.

p.s. This prompt was claimed for ART by violetfishy. Not work safe!

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