October 24th, 2006

snape sneak

Miscellaneous whining

I just joined stoatshead_hill, and it looks like it's going to be a ton of fun. We need a Draco, which worries me a bit, but I have a good deal of confidence that the mods will do what they need to do to make the game work. Here's to new beginnings! *drinks*

That said, I'm on Yahoo! Messenger more these days, and I just got this message when opening an IM window: "[username] is using an older version of Yahoo! Messenger and certain features may be unavailable. Click here to invite [username] to upgrade." I believe that is the most obnoxious idea I've ever heard. Can you imagine getting that message? "Hey, loser, your so-called 'friend' wants you to upgrade your client." Ugh. Yahoo! is so damn pushy. *loves Google*

Finally, fics are in the works. I keep procrastinating my Snupin fics to write silly things like het (yes, *again*), Molly genfic, or Snape/Lockhart *loves Rana*. I need the opposite of an enabler... a disabler.

And finally finally, have you seen this video? Tis funny: scenes from Harry Potter set to a very entertaining bit from Dane Cook. NWS because of swearing on the audio.