November 14th, 2006



So, Lucius showed up in stoatshead_hill, which was fun, but then I started looking around at how much I've been skipping over and... ugh. I *hate* being behind. But on the plus side, my Snupin Santa story is turned in!! YES!

AND! I'm caught up with NaNoWriMo! 6,000 words added to my Snarry today!

That leaves me with just one more fic for a deadline, one for a challenge that was a few weeks ago anyway (whoops), and one really excellent non-deadline idea. And then there are two more exchanges for next year. Is it too late to sign up for hpvalensmut? *eta* Awww.

p.s. Please don't ask about real life, because obviously I had to sacrifice something to make the rest of this work. :\
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