November 21st, 2006

snape ship

Summer's kinks and squicks

This is probably WAY too much information, but what the heck. Some of you were interested and I think it will be useful to have this all in one place, so, here you have a discussion of my own personal kinks and squicks. Yes, we're talking about smut.

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I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but this is getting harder to talk about the more I think of. Actually, I've read plenty of smut that didn't fit any of the "kinks" I discussed and still were fantastically wonderfully hot. So any hypothetical author who was looking at this wondering what to write for me should not take it as a grocery list of "must haves", not by any means.

Comments, questions, fic recs? Don't be shy :). Have any of you ever done a post like this? Let me know.
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