November 27th, 2006


Tiebreaker needed; update.

All right, someone needs to go break the tie between Bill and Fleur and "Both" for the "Who's Kinkiest" poll. We can't be having a tie.

Secondly, I've declared myself a winner in the Nano department. In case anyone was wondering, Pansy had the key to the puzzle after all. Thanks for all your help :). In other fic-writing news, exchange fic for sirry_slash is so almost done. Yayz! In other exchange news, I am SO EXCITED about wizard_love! I'm ready for my prompt!!

In other news of Summer being way too excited for her own good, I'm really looking forward to Sectus. I may talk about it a lot in the next nine months or so. What a fantastic excuse to go visit England! And Wales! I'm going to spend the first twenty-four hours just listening to people talk.

I think I'll do something crazy and fannish for New Year's Eve, like write 100 drabbles in 24 hours or something.
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