December 4th, 2006

snupin santa

Parade o' Fics, Day 4

Seems there weren't as many yesterday. [edit: I spoke too soon.] Not to worry! Still plenty of stuff to read this month. And I finally finished Day 1's reading list, hee. Here are the links for stuff I still have to read in Day 4:

A Great Beginning (Arthur/Molly, NC-17). MWPP era with sadness and schmoop. (haven't read yet)
*** Duty Calls (Snape/Harry, NC-17).
A Planned Surprise (Snupin, PG-13). AU where Frank and Alice lived. 6k words.
Making Excuses (Cedric/Hermione, NC-17).
*** The Language of Serpents (Snape/Draco, Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape, NC-17). Warnings for torture, D/s, character death (not the main ones), (implied) noncon.
Holiday Romance (Draco/Hermione, R). Might read if I finish up the others. I don't usually have luck with Slytherin/Hermione fics. (haven't read yet)
Four Scenes (Snupin, NC-17).
*** An Unexpected Lesson (Severus/Lily/Remus, NC-17), by snegurochka_lee. Fluffier than her usual stuff and it looks like fun! Must read! 4700 words.
Like Wine Through Water (Ron/Draco, NC-17). Can't wait to read this one.
Bond, Shag, or Crucio? (Harry/Draco, R).
*** Amor Tussisque Non Celantur (Snupin, NC-17). Is this the library one? That was awesome. 6600 words.
Moving On (Neville gen, G). (haven't read yet)
Hair (Sirius/Harry, R-NC-17). In a bathroom.
Of Ice Mice and Tickling Scarves (Harry/Remus, R). Harry Potter survives Christmas shopping in Hogsmeade while also trying to seduce Remus Lupin.
Being Lustful (Fred/Hermione/George, NC-17).

There were also several artses this day (including a VERY MEMORABLE James/Sirius, guh) but I don't link those because I can leave feedback after a quick look, and looking takes less time than reading.