December 23rd, 2006


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A. I fail at IRC. :-( I pwn IRC. Also, I claim the title "Queen of 969."

Secondly. Who feels like writing something on New Year's Eve? Check out auld_lang_snape if you're not doing anything and feel like joining me and a bunch of other folks for some Harry Potter drabble writing! (Thank you to csi_tokyo3 for the name!) It's very low-key, just some writing and being sociable online stuff, for people who like that kind of thing. Like me :)

3. I waited a few days to rec this because I know it showed up on a lot of yall's flists. BUT! My gift for snupin_santa was posted and it's EXACTLY what I asked for! And so good. I was in the best kind of tears.

I asked for: "a getting-together story set sometime *after* PoA (after OotP, if you can), without being post-war, in which there is no secret-crush-since boyhood, no illicit encounters while they're both professors. Feel free to go AU enough to ignore Tonks. Smut is good, but in-character is better."

It's called Storm Break, it's 5000 words and PG-13 and it's such a lovely, well-written fic - scenes between Severus and Remus interwoven with canon of the 6th year. <3 <3 <3

Oh, p.s.: I WANT TO KNOW WHO WROTE MY GIFTS. I received two in two different exchanges and they're both so amazing! I want to thank the authors properly and lavish heaps of love and praise on them!! Not to mention read all the rest of their work. I can't wait for the reveal!
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