February 2nd, 2007


Spoil me, baby

I've been thinking about DH's release date (for almost 24 hours, ha!) and I think I've just about made up my mind:

I'm going to be spoiled.

It will be out in the middle of Sectus, and I am an early morning person and would really, really be grumpy if I didn't sleep at all for a night or two - not to mention I'll be busy with programming and events and actually seeing London, you know. (Aside: I forgot to mention, I'm on the committee! Sectus is going to be awesome! Any questions/want to meet/suggestions let me know!) Ahem. Anyway, it's not a convenient time for me to read the book.

So I'm not going to.

And I'm not going to avoid spoilers, either. I figure, what the heck - I knew what happened in the first six books before reading them, what could the harm really be? After all, the main reason I'm so eager to read DH is because I want to know who lives, who dies, and how can I still ship Snape/Lupin or Snape/Harry or Remus/everyone-but-Tonks. I don't need to read it to find those things out, not if I'm going to be at a conference with hundreds of other fans!

So, what I need to do is find the person who will read it fastest, take a nap in her presence, and when she's done she can wake me up (tears of joy or despair shining in her eyes) and tell me if Snape made it or not. Then I can be happy and not worry about actually reading the thing (because let's face it, there are fanfic authors that write better than JKR).

Though, I'll have to read the book before the Residential Course, for sure.
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