February 20th, 2007


Wait, it's Mardi Gras?

I need my brain to catch up with my life PLZKTHXBAI. I mean... It's Mardi Gras?!?! That means party time! I'ma have a good time tonight until I fall asleep at 8pm, yays.

In fic news, I have made a major breakthrough on my W_L fic and should have it finished up ton- er, soon. I won't say what day. *shifty eyes*

And! I have one other fic to link from the recently-revealed-ish sirry_slash exchange. It's actually Remus/Harry with the Sirius/Harry as a secondary pairing, and it's over 9,000 words long and, um, the smut is explicit (though pretty vanilla). It's also the one that gave me all the plotting problems back in December. So I was thinking it would be fun to do one of those DVD-type special commentary tracks, if anyone's interested, but now I'm thinking I should just link it and leave the commentary for a less-busy time.