February 27th, 2007


The rare meme-beast

I am SO ready to announce that I'm skipping spring this year. For me, summer will start on March 21st and last for six months, because it's my favorite season and I so, so deserve it.

Your Summer Love Style is Head Over Heels

This summer you're ready for a total head spin crush.
You've done the summer fling thing before, and now you want something real.
You're looking to fall head over heels in love this summer...
Even if you don't know who you'll fall for yet.

Only three more weeks of winter! And then it shall be TIME for SUMMER.

p.s. Also, later tonight or tomorrow will be much short fics that I'm clearing out of notebooks, in honor of BUNNY AMNESTY DAY, which I hereby declare to be March 1st. I will post what I can by then, ditch the rest, and start fresh. *deep breath* Join me in Bunny Amnesty Day if you like!
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