June 19th, 2007


Vote for pimps!

Voting is now open for pimp_my_3some! Check out any pimps you may have missed and vote here.

It was super tough to pick just ten, but in the end I went with the appeal of the pimps more than the appeal of the pairings. I figure the pimps were the really entertaining part of this fest, and I'll read the ones with the pairings I like regardless of where they are in posting order. And one in my top 5 was one that I thought I wouldn't really go for, a Harry/Ginny/Draco sort of thing, but the excerpt! So it got in there too :).

Anyway, go vote! You can pick one or two or your top ten most wanted. Can't wait to read the fics!
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Snape/Lupin art rec

In other news, any Moony or Remus or Snupin fans should see this: Red by aleoninc, rated PG-13 for implied violence, but nothing close to explicit sex or violence.

It's just... beautiful. The colors, the textures, the simple lines, the composition, I don't know. I don't know a lot of art-y terms :). Be sure to see the close-ups!