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FIC: Time and Again (Snape/Lupin/Snape, NC-17)

TITLE: Time and Again
PAIRING: Snape/Lupin/Snape?
SUMMARY: If Remus had known a threesome would be like this, he would have suggested it years ago.
DISCLAIMER: Characters are property of JKR and her designated representatives. Used without permission. Lawsuits will not be appreciated.
WARNINGS: Er, threesome. Technically speaking. :D Plus, you know, gay wizard sex.
NOTES: For the Fantasy Fest '06, tabiji requested: Threesome smut w/ a twist! Using ( possible spoiler ), SS schemes a way to join "himself" & RL (adults, est. relationship) for a 3-way, with SS fucking RL while RL fucks the "other" SS. *fans self* :D — 3800 words.

( 'Time and Again' )
Tags: fics, nc-17, snape/lupin, threesomes

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