Summer (summerborn) wrote,

Update: new fics in the works

I still exist. I've found nirvana RPGs. They sounded weird to me at first -- you play the role of one of the HP characters?! -- but if you get the right people it is a ton of fun. And you Early Thaw people are the right people.

Anyway, if anything has happened in the past two months, it's safe to say I missed it. How've you all been? I understand JKR said something about character deaths in book 7? *goes to look it up* On the subject of fics: I am compelled to finish "The Storm and the Chase," but I want to do it right. Meantime, I'm working on a few little fics for exchanges and things. There may or may not be the following in the works: Ron/Snape, Lily gen, Bill/Tonks/Sirius, Harry/Neville, Godric Gryffindor/Rubeus Hagrid (er, probably gen), Bill/Bellatrix.

That is all. ^_^

*ETA* Plus Girlbits!Snape/Lupin. That bunny is too delightful to let loose, and I would love to write something that rexluscus might enjoy. <3
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