Summer (summerborn) wrote,

I signed up for Snupin

I'm to write two drabbles (Snupin) by 31 July, to go with two of the lupin_snape mood theme pictures. Mine are:

Hopeful (from A Promenade)
Gloomy (from a scene in another fic, ha!)

DRABBLES. Isn't there a better word than that somewhere? I think I'll call them "buttons" or something.

*edit* So I signed up for a few more, since there were these seven moods hanging out between the two I'd already picked. So I'm also doing:

Good by remus_rules
Grateful by dizilla
Groggy by karasu_hime
Grumpy by jateshi
Guilty by stasia
Happy by karasu_hime
High by hill_

See the post with all the pictures for easy reference. I don't think all of these have links to the full-size art.
Tags: projects

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