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FIC: Twelve Moods (Snape/Lupin, PGish)

So! Thanks to Sarah being gone for an entire MONTH, I have been in serious Remus withdrawal. No, not Sirius-Remus withdr... never mind. Suffice to say I've been writing more Snupin in the past two weeks than ever in my life. Including some short stuff for a challenge. All previously posted, now linked in my journal for easy reference.

TITLE: Nine Twelve Snupin Moods
RATING: PG unless otherwise indicated
PAIRING: Snape/Lupin
DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of JK Rowling and her representatives. No harm intended.
NOTES: Nine Twelve short shorts, written for the Mood Theme Drabble Challenge over at lupin_snape. Each fake cut takes you to the post at lupin_snape, which will have the artists properly credited. Or see the masterlist of mood theme pictures. Word-count and rating (if over PG) is listed in the cut.

SUMMARY: Nine Twelve unrelated scenes for nine mood themes. The mood itself is probably a sufficient summary.

( Gloomy - 219 )

( Good - 125 )

( Grateful - 174 )

( Groggy - 150 PG-13 )

( Grumpy - 100 )

( Guilty - 150 )

( Happy - 100 )

( High - 261 )

( Hopeful - 100 )

( Blah - 118 )

( Cheerful - 100 )

( Complacent - 114 )
Tags: fics, snape/lupin
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