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At least now I know which House I'm in

When I first decided to apply to hogwarts_elite back in March, I had two main objectives. First, I wanted to find other HP fans to get to know and make friends with and that sort of thing. Secondly, I wanted to know once and for all which house I really belonged in. The online quizzes are fun and all, but sometimes I wondered how accurate they were (like the question "pick an animal: badger, lion, snake, or eagle?" It's too easy to skew the results).

I finally submitted my application last week, and I have officially been Squibbed (rejected) from the community - though it was rather a close race, for a while.

Objective number one: failure. At this comm, anyway. A lot of folks seemed to think that I just wasn't a good fit for the community, which I can totally respect. I don't want to be somewhere where I don't fit in any more than they want someone who doesn't fit in. Luckily, I've been steadily meeting new people through fic exchanges, betaing, and RPing, so my desire for fandom-friends has been largely mollified.

Objective number two: success! Oh, sure, just over half the voters rejected me, but of those that didn't, the vote was resoundingly in favor of Ravenclaw. I think it's especially telling that of the Ravenclaw voters, absolutely every last one of them that didn't squib me voted me into their house. I like to think that Ravenclaws know their own. Here's the final vote breakdown:

Ravenclaw - 76 (over 91%)
Hufflepuff - 4
Gryffindor - 2
Slytherin - 1

This part of the outcome makes me feel really great. It's very nice to find out that I'm such a clear-cut specimen of a Ravenclaw. The experts of sorting_elite have spoken. I mean, 91%! I'm sad that I don't get a second chance to apply, but there are other sorting communities if I decide I want to do this again. Maybe I'll stick with fics and RPGs.

The most disappointing part of the whole experience was being accused of "pushing" for Ravenclaw without having a chance to defend myself. I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with knowing the truth. To be honest, if I were going to "push" for any one house, it would have been Slytherin, just to see if I could do it.

In summary, up Ravenclaw! And back to beta-ing I go.
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