Summer (summerborn) wrote,

Okay, so I'm trying to finish up this Bill/Tonks/Sirius fic for lameos_maximus and it's absolutely killing me. I mean, I'm glad they moved the deadline, but it just makes me worry about the quality that much more. I bit off *way* more than I could chew, and I need to rant about it a little. If anyone could please poke me and tell me to just finish it, I would be muchly appreciative.

It all started with just some simple threesome fun, but there was a line in the request about plot, so I thought of a plot, and now it's mostly PWP plus "my plot is pastede on yey." ARGH. Didn't I say, after "Time and Again," that I didn't want to write any more threesomes? Or was it just the all-male threesome that was difficult?

Speaking of all male stuff, this is my first het smut, and it is amazingly difficult. I just want to be done with the damn thing. I'm to the point where I can't stand to even read over what I've already written because I HATE it so much. It's really, really bad. I want to hide under a rock and not come out until the Snupin Santa gifts are due. *BIG FROWNY FACE*

On another note, I'm commissioning some art for the first time in my life and I'm a bit stumped as to what to ask for. I'm thinking either the three Black sisters, or maybe Lucius, Snape, and Narcissa from my work "We Who Persevere." So many possibilities!
Tags: rants

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