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PLEASE NOTE: Any illegal activity referenced in this journal is for the purposes of FICTION only. Personally, I condemn illegal activity as a rule, and I do NOT encourage any illegal activity, whether that be rape, drug use, or Unforgivable curses. Nothing in this journal is used in furtherance of any illegal activity. ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK.

Now. Hi! If you're looking for my fics, you might like this index of my fics, which lists pairing, rating, title, length, and a brief description for everything I've posted on LJ. If, on the other hand, you're here to get to know me, you might check out one of the following:
And now, the mega-list of stuff I'm working on. The exchange fics have deadlines; the list is vaguely in order that I plan to complete them.

1. A little somethin'-somethin' for etrangere for pointing out that in canon, Sirius didn't know Severus was accused of being a Death Eater. "Most things with Snape, Sirius, Remus, the Black family in general or Percy make me happy."

2. Collab with chibitoaster for the 12am_nosh Snackfest: Snape has been in love with Black all the time but never revealed it. After Black dies, Snape spends a year devising a plan how to bring him back (cue some very complicated magic). The ritual is set in motion, but a month before its completion, Snape is killed. The magic works nevertheless, and Black is back. Now it falls to him to understand why, investigate and decide what to do with this knowledge. (Started on Google Docs) Finish by May 31.

3. Snape/Lupin Fantasy Fest prompt (a threesome with James). Due April 30 May 31.

4. Lusty Month of May - as available. Remus/various, Remus/Severus.

5. This snippet from said Recycler Challenge. Finish by 31 Oct um, May 31. Started here.

6. Assignment for hp_summersmut. Most of the first draft written (35,000 words or so). Due June 30.

7. Severus/Narcissa, tentatively titled "The Hardest Part."

8. The Storm and the Chase.

9. Failed Snupin Santa prompt. To be written later. Here's what I have so far.

10. AU featuring free!Sirius, hunted!Remus, snarky!Snape, and Why-wasn't-I-told-about-this!Lily. (This was my fanfic Nano 2006 project.) 20,000 words of usable stuff written.

11. Girlbits!Snape/Lupin. Will probably post as an incomplete and just be done with it.

Miscellaneous bunnies: Snupin (old and wise); Bill/Fleur during HBP (non-con fantasies); Snupin (shame on me; LupinSnape) [Legs]; Remus epic (in three parts); Snape/head-boy-Bill. Draco/older female teacher? Rosmerta?

List of completed projects.

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