Summer (summerborn) wrote,

Notes from a Beta

I've got my beta hat on. So here are ten eleven comments to people I've beta'ed for, in no particular order and with no names:

1. Thanks for helping me understand that I don't have to like a certain fic element (mpreg, anyone?) to beta it. And aww, it was sweet, anyway!

2. Hey, that last story was really neat. Glad I could help out!

2.3. I'd really love to beta more of your work, because it's awesome. You rock and I am a shameless fangirl.

3.4. I'm definitely enjoying the story so far. STILL WORKING ON IT YES SORRY.

4.5. I'm writing Luna/summer smut. Thanks a lot :D

5.6. Hope you're doing all right. I understand there were some real life issues going on, but... that first chapter was good, dammit. I at least want to know what happens next.

6.7. One reason I like to know where you post stuff is so I can go and double-check for last minute things :). Hope you don't mind.

7.8. I am looking forward to the next bit. *cracks whip* Yes, you.

8.9. Hi! Um. Been a while. That was a good fic though. *reminisces* Um... call me?

9.10. OMG *tackle* I love being your beta. :D

10.11. I had fun beta-ing on a fandom I know but don't normally write or read fanfic in. Thanks!

*edit* Because I can't count, I actually had 11. Bonus!
Tags: musings
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