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FIC: December, 1976 (Snape/Lucius, PG)

TITLE: December, 1976
PAIRING: Snape, Lucius
SUMMARY: Severus thinks everything has changed; Lucius, in an attempt to prove him wrong, changes everything.
DISCLAIMER: These are in no way, shape, form, or spell, my characters. Used totally without permission.
WARNINGS: None. (Implied potential infidelity?)
NOTES: For dracofiend in the hopes that more Snarry will be forthcoming *puppy dog eyes*. This fits into the same universe as my "We Who Persevere." Unbeta'ed. — 370 words.

December, 1976

There weren't many at the Three Broomsticks that would recognize Lucius Malfoy, but he still felt uncomfortably exposed. Perhaps Severus knew, and wanted it that way.

"Why are we meeting here again? Come back to the manor with me, Severus."

The boy gazed at him across the table. "I'm not sure your wife would approve."

"She's not my wife yet."

"Still. What would she think if she knew how we spent the summer, hmm?" Severus sat back in his chair, expression unreadable. Lucius tried not to flush. How could the boy be so calm?

"Severus--" Lucius' hand moved on the table, as if it were going to reach across and touch the boy, but he clenched it into a fist. There must be no doubt who was in control, here. "Severus, you knew I was going to marry her one day. Just setting a date shouldn't matter that much."

"But it does, Lucius." The words were no more than a whisper.

I will not beg. "Fine," Lucius said aloud. "Go back to Hogwarts, then, and I will return to the manor alone." He pushed back from the table and stood. "And tomorrow, I will talk to Narcissa about it."

Something flared in Severus' eyes then, something that Lucius didn't recognize, but it was quickly replaced by the cool mask. "Talk to Narcissa about what?"

Lucius allowed himself a tiny, triumphant smile. "About us. The summer. Next summer." After all, she was as committed as he was now, and he would make whatever bargain with his fiancée he had to in order to keep Severus. He waited, still standing, for a response.

Severus toyed with his glass for a moment, and then looked up at Lucius again. "She won't like it."

"I know."

"If you had to choose between us…"

Lucius would choose Narcissa; they both knew that. It was why Severus would never ask him to choose. "I'll work it out with her, Severus. Trust me."

The boy got to his feet, looking Lucius in the eye. "But you're still going to marry her."

"I have to," Lucius said simply. But he knew Severus would take what he could get in the end. It was their way.
Tags: fics, snape/lucius

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